For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.

Romans 6:14 NIV You Version Bible App

So I tried to get some of my favourite Nike pairs from the online shopping app. It’s that time of the year for my favourite four letter word, sale. I ended up getting a halter blouse, panel blazer, power bank, USB cord, type C connectors, micro SD reader to type C port, blue tooth speaker, two pairs of Nike trousers, one Nike tank, another Nike cap, lipstick, eyeliner… But before all that I tried to cancel a number of my orders for silver jewelries of necklaces and rings. All items were discounted at almost half the price plus additional 40% mark down. Not bad? But things get pretty familiar, I was immovable in bed for hours. I couldn’t even clean my condo unit. The garbage bin stinks, I have not taken them out of my door for a couple of days. I manage to wash the dishes on the sink and I buy my food at the convenience store downstairs. After going to the office for straight three days I went on working from home… so to speak, sending a couple mails that’s it, I went back to scrolling for online shopping. I feel a part of me have accomplished something, just like video games of some sort, that temporary high of getting a good deal out of it. There are times I ask if I need them? Only to find my self on check out section indicating my membership ID for frequent flyer miles bonus points.

‘Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” ‘

1 Peter 1:13-16

I miss my morning coffee in front of the beach. That pure sensation of nature, everything was quiet, serene, unhurried. Sipping my warm cup of coffee, while birds flew and passes by. That gentle and refreshing wind touches my skin. My eyes darted onto the vast white and blue expanse. Those pure clouds of white as it kisses the mountain range. It was an escape, it was my time to breath…

When I got back to Manila, I noticed that time runs so fast unlike when I was in the province. Everyone’s catching up on emails, calls, meetings, hearing all the side-back-back stabbing comments of one colleague to another. In just one week my serenity tank seems to get depleted faster than I could fill it again. At the office, I was bored, I went to check the sale items online every once in a while. To buy or not to buy! The news of burned down part of the light rail transit makes it worsts but surprisingly I got the same rate with the hailing cab app that I am using. But it’s my daughter who suffered the most, since she goes to school and go home during rush hours. For me, I work on London shift and flexible time – I can come to the office for as long as I could manage my own time and deliver outcome. Out of frustration I went back to Netflix, I finished the documentary called “Kindness Diaries” then I came across another movie, “Same Kind of Different as Me”. Aside for noticing how Renee Zellweger have aged, her wrinkles, sagging skin and all that. I was deeply touched by the movie, it was a perfect follow up on the kindness documentary. B

Bead Cafe, Lio Estate, Lio Beach El Nido Palawan Philippines

Watching the movie and from what I have experienced from my recent trip in Palawan. I came to realise that being at peace doesn’t mean a peaceful , serene, beautiful environment like Palawan or the United States. Like the white couples on the movie where they had everything, big house, kids, her husband doing the job he’s good at – selling and trading paintings and work of art for a living. Despite all that, the husband had an affair – extra marital affair, they were on the verge of divorce until they got involved with a charity for the homeless, most people they served were black African American. From here I also learned that even if I run my own business, have an investor, live in one of the nicest spots just few steps to the beach – they doesn’t mean a healthy mental state of mind. God looks at the heart, so as God lives in each man’s heart. What matters most is how do we answer that foundational question – where is our heart in all of these? Just as Ms. Debbie (the role played by Renee who never gave up on Denver, a notorious, violent black old man who hates whites particularly white women due to a difficult, inhuman and unimaginable abuse and slavery) devoted her time and last days, not to focus on her domestic problems of her marriage and family, but in serving people of different race and stature with all her unconditional love and care. Just as Leon, from his travel on a beetle volks bright yellow car from Alaska up to all the way to Argentina, found for himself that the kindest are those people who are willing to offer with all that they have with the least that they own. I am reminded to be lesser and lesser critical in judging others nor expecting from others. That if there’s a person God wants me to be – is to be kind in whatever way possible, in whatever which way I can, one single step, moment by moment, day by day, one single soul at a time.

Corong Corong Bay El Nido Palawan Philippines

So do I have to cancel all my online orders? Come to think of it, I really had a good deal out of it. If I cancel now, that would be an inconvenience to the seller and freight service providers whom I know now are very busy in packing my orders making sure that they are all delivered to me on time. Besides I have my pay check coming up and bonus next month. Aside from saving time going to the malls, only to get stuck in traffic jam and sky rocket cab hailing app fees. It would be nice also to get the items from the same app for all of my Christmas presents to my love ones and friends. I have saved effort, money, time and energy. At the same time earning bonus points for my next travels. Instead of going to malls for Christmas rush – I can spend my quality time with my nephews and nieces, enjoying them while I still can. Because I know time will come, each of them will have their own lives and careers, they will have their own busy lives as I go into a laid back life of retirement. I think that would be kind. Yeah… this is kindness.

Telesfora Beach Restaurant at Corong Corong Bay El Nido Palawan Philippines

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