DORMITELS EL NIDO, a Review by The Beach Bum Lady

Before anything else thanks to my travel agent Dimples Quiatchon of Dimple Travel Service Pops District Corong Corong El Nido for arranging my land travel and accommodations at Dormitels.

This is my nth time going to El Nido, after my de tour to Port Barton and Long Beach San Vicente Palawan, upon my return to Dormitels – I am surprised by how the management and keep up of this place have significantly improved.

This is my first time to stay in a female dormitory because I am on a budget (the 13th month pay is still two months ahead!) The rest room is clean (though due to hair strands and sands the drain clogs most of the time), it’s newly painted all white. The water given it is deep well, smells rusty, but compared to what I have experienced before, but yeah there will be times when it is light brown, the water pressure is strong and clean so I had three showers in a day!

They clean the room daily even without telling them, they provide toilet tissue one roll each day. They have lockers I just have to provide my own padlock. Good thing I have my own water bottle, I can fill it up anytime from the cafeteria.
I also like the options they give to their customers, for high end tourist they have the Eco Hotel or Suites. For on budgets like me, they have budget rooms called Dormitels. I like Dormitels because it is plain and simple ‘MINIMALISM’ ‘JUST WHAT YOU NEED’ kind of accommodation. I am out all the time so I just need the basics.

The service was also great, there are a lot of security men roaming the compound. Outside there are a lot of new shops be it food, diving, tours and island shopping for souvenirs, clothes and accessories.

Just be careful with tricycle drivers outside the compound – they can hack as high as 100 to 200 peso ride for a walking distance spots such as Marimegmeg Beach, Las Cabanas and even Bacuit Bay or downtown. I plan to bring my own folding bike next time.

I stayed in a female six bed dormitory room but I only had one room mate for the first two nights, after that the room became my private room for a dorm price. I had a pleasant stay but I think during peak season it’s going to be a crowded room. So make sure you prepare to adjust and mingle particularly for foreigners who doesn’t have the same built, sanitation, habits and language like ours.
Overall I want to thank Dormitels for taking care of me, to young girl named Irish the front desk officer from Baguio for being kind, same with the rest of the staff and security men who provided me beach towels, room towels and stand to dry my clothes. I just left my yoga mat and towel outside hanged on a makeshift bamboo rack – it was still there safe and secure out of my nine night stay with Dormitels. Thanks so much and see you all again soon!

Here’s four islands to Dormitels El Nido 🌴🌴🌴🌴

Trip Advisor Review by The Beach Bum Lady

The beach front of Eco Hotel, behind it is Dormitels just after the cafeteria and reception. This is Corong Corong El Nido Palawan Philippines 🇵🇭

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