Mothers to Daughters

So my daughter followed me at church yesterday. I attended my Glorious Hope Ministry therapy session, while she tried to catch the Elevate youth service with her bestfriend.

After that we attended the CCF Saturday Night Service and I wasn’t really aware that it’s the 35th anniversary of the church.

The danger of anniversary is taking our own credit, the preaching says.

Then we hurried to grab the taxi cab and the driver waived back to me. A once in a lifetime gesture from a very rare cab driver in the Philippines. One of the few. In danger of extinction I might say.

We headed to SM Megamall, my one stop mall or should I say my most favorite place on earth. Well… I guess next to CCF church.

Famished from long walks and getting groceries. We we’re helped by the SM Super Market staff to bring our two eco bags of grocery items from building A and cross Julia Vargas going to building B. Talk about extra mile.

Past 11pm the only resto open was Gerry’s Grill.

We ordered sizzling sisig and sizzling kangkong. We all had one cup of garlic rice each.

After all the giggles (or should I call breath stopping laughters) and telling them about my blogging journey in between… we’re left with greasy empty plates.

Our total bill only amounts to five hundred pesos.

Quality time with daughter and her best friend?


The serving was enough for me and my two millennial teen agers. We were allowed to bring in the grocery bags and left them on the floor, the resto staff doesn’t even mind even if I just drop the bags on the floor near the entrance door.

First the food was great. The sisig was crunchy on the outside and soft meat and fat, yes gross glossy white slimy fat on the inside. Cut and chopped perfect for me who’s even lazy to chew. The sizzling kangkong is perfect, not overcooked and stalks are in tact. It is like having those steamed lawn served in Chinese restaurants like spinach. Kangkong is the cheap version. But the presentation and delivery was perfectly awesome.


Recommendation? Yes I highly recommend. Food is great, ambiance is fine and service is kind. If you are a foreigner or tourist, Gerry’s Grill is one the restaurants you can visit and try authentic Filipino salty and greasy but awesomely yummy cuisin.

Verdict for Gerry’s Grill Megamall B? Four islands 🏝🏝🏝🏝

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On that note, I realized, that being a mother is not just going on labor and maternity leave. I may not have been or not yet have become a biological mother. But I am blessed to become a mom to my adopted niece and her best friend.

So yah, there goes my 500 pesos…

This is my favorite time of the day, sunsets. I told my daughter. My prayer is when the sun finally sets down on me, I will leave her the legacy of what it takes to be a woman in a vulnerable world. That the safest place to be is to stay in submission to God’s cover of protection – obedience and holiness through Christ and in Christ alone. (View of Manila Bay sunsets, 2019)