All set!

So this is it, I just hit the pay button from my payroll debit card. In 72 hours my own domain will be activated. Well… if all goes well.

I hope.

Small decision… big impact.

It’s been a childhood dream for me to write. I cannot forget my journalism teacher back in high school… not too long ago. Even before the days of Microsoft and Facebook. We have printed school newspaper and my short story was right there at the center page written in full native Filipino language.


I am one of the managers of a big multinational bank with head quarters at London and Hong Kong.

So what happened to writing?

My mother sort of talked to me heart to heart that there’s literally no money in journalism and fine arts. But with accounting diploma I can easily get a job in to a bank and support them, my family back then. But don’t hate my beautiful mother just yet. When she was saying to me those words she went on telling me “Once you graduate from school and be able to buy what you want, after that you can pursue whatever you want to do in life”.

So I did.

Turublien Long Beach Inn and Bar, San Vicente, Palawan Philippines

What exactly is a beach bum according to uncle Google and Oxford?

beach bum

/ˈbēCH ˌbəm/


noun: beach bum; plural noun: beach bums

1 a person who loafs on or around a beach.


Can I categorically say I am a beach bum? And what’s with the long domain name for a blog? I don’t know. But I do agree that I am the exact person as described in the word, beach bum definition.

I am a person who is… What?






1 idle one’s time away, typically by aimless wandering or loitering.

2 synonyms:

3 laze, lounge, loll; More


But on second thought.

Ah yes…

I am that person who idles time away, typically by aimless wandering or loitering.

But wait let me be clear… this is anywhere near the beach.

I love that definition.

Just by saying it makes my heart happy.

A snap of Long Beach San Vicente, one of the municipalities of Palawan Islands. I have never seen this shore line this big. Coconut trees line after line, along the shore that never seem to come to an end. This was the picture I’ve taken when I first set my foot on this part of the island.



“Touted by local tourism officials as the “longest white beach in the Philippines,” the Long Beach of San Vicente straddles 14 kilometers of undeveloped shoreline, more than three times longer than Boracay’s White Beach. But the stretch isn’t uninterrupted. Rocky cliffs jut out into the sea, breaking what could have been a continuous expanse of sugary paradise into six shorter coves.”

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