Journey Begins

Hey welcome!

Before anything else… thank you.

We may not know each other but I hope we can get in touch through each and every lines.

This is my first attempt.

Do not give up, I told my self.

Just write.

I had a rough day yesterday. Coming from my therapy session at church, I headed to mega mall. I went to see my salon fairy god mother, Normie. There as she’s busy making my toes pretty, my brows perfect and my armpit flawless. I told her, I want a massage, I want a head massage… so I spent thousands of pesos on color dye and hair treatment. That sensation, pamper and feeling of being taken cared for. Yes it’s worth it, my gray hair now blends in copper blond. I can see myself in Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blond movie, it may be funny to see her frequent visit to the salon and vent with her manicurist. Trust me, I can fully relate.

Too many times, I hear that small voice. Write the book.

Relaxed, I was inspired to go to “book sale” my favorite thrift store of second hand books. Most of it came from the U.S.

Alas! I got hold of Celebrate Recovery Bible! Just what I needed… in all odds, of all the books – it’s like there waiting for me to get it. This time it’s a different zen. Yes, a totally different high from sale items of shoes, bags and dresses.

Funny how the book previously belong to someone named Jean. One of my nicknames.

God indeed works in small things. God speaks in gentle whispers.

Today I realized it is important to hear that inner voice. That voice usually unheard from all the noise of daily grind. Unheard from all the loud distracting voices of social media, family chaos and relationship woes.

Does God speaks during salon visits and mall shoppings?

Encouraged, I gently whispered too…

Yes Lord I will write the book.